Bosch American Fridge Freezer – 7 Point Easy Guide

This article is intended for anyone interested in purchasing a Bosch American fridge-freezer. The included facts, figures and features give you a simple 7-point guide to help you decide which one is best for you.


1. Cost:

Prices for 3 Bosch side-by-side fridge freezers range from £1100 for the Bosch KAN62V40GB model to £1800 for the Bosch KAD62S20 top of the range. In between is the Bosch KAD62V40GB, which costs around £1350. It is wise to do a price comparison before you buy as the price change is actually £100.

2. Size:

The exterior dimensions of these American fridge-freezers require attention so you can make sure they fit in your home and look good in your kitchen. The dimensions of the three models are as follows: Height 17.6 cm; Width 91 cm and Depth 76.1 cm. Remember to leave 2 cm of space around the appliance to allow it to function optimally.

3. Storage Capacity:

Ironically, the cheapest model, the Bosch KAN62V40GB, has the largest capacity of all models, with a total net volume of 604 litres. The explanation for this is that there is no ice and water dispenser to free up a lot of space, so the refrigerator has a net capacity of 219 liters. The net volume of this refrigerator model is 385 litres.

The total capacity of the Bosch KAD62V40GB is 564 liters, of which 384 liters for the refrigerator and 179 liters for the freezer. The total capacity of the Bosch KAD62S20 is 533 liters, of which 355 liters in the refrigerator and 178 liters in the freezer.

4. Color:

These very elegant units are available in stainless steel or white. The Bosch KAD62V40GB and KAN62V40GB are made of stainless steel and the Bosch KAD62S20 is white.

5. Energy Level

Since these American fridge freezers are very large, it is important that they have a good energy label to save your wallet and the environment. The Bosch KAD62V40GB has the highest rating: A+ and requires 456 kWh. Per year. The Bosch KAD62S20 also has an A+ rating, but requires 467 kWh. Per year. The Bosch KAN62V40GB is only A-class, which is reflected in its annual consumption of 602. kwh.

6. Ice water machine

Both the Bosch KAD62V40GB and KAD62S20 are equipped with an in-line ice water dispenser. This is an important feature of American fridge freezers. There’s no need for all that bottled mineral water to take up space in your fridge, and you don’t have to use filtered cold water at all times of the day.

7. Special Features

The following are examples of some of the special features these Bosch American fridge-freezers have in common: subcooling function, superfreezing function, audible door opening warning, electronic controls and LED temperature readout.

This post is done with a 7 point easy guide to the Bosch range of side-by-side fridge freezers.

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