Tips for Buying a Fridge

In your kitchen, the most important functions are those for everyday use. Imagine a life without an oven, microwave or fridge freezer… they are widely used, they are an indispensable appliance in your kitchen and must be chosen carefully. A refrigerator can complete your kitchen, and no kitchen is truly a kitchen without it.

When shopping for a fridge freezer, your first consideration should be available space. Large American refrigerators are popular at the moment, but they are not easy in many kitchens – you need the space and proportions to carry such a huge appliance. If you have space, American fridges are very spacious so they can be filled with fresh food, look great and really make a statement in your kitchen.

If you don’t have room for American appliances, you can opt for a standing refrigerator. Upright fridge freezers offer style in smaller packages that can often be used with your other kitchen appliances. Integrated appliances are also an option, which may have fewer features than standalone models but will blend in and give your kitchen a clean and unified look.

Aside from space constraints, your next thought should be how to use your fridge freezer. If you’re going to feed a large family, you’ll need something with lots of shelves in the fridge and big drawers in the fridge. If you like to eat a lot of fresh food, choose a standing refrigerator with the freezer compartment above and the freezer compartment below. This gives you easier access to the vegetable bin and the daily necessities at the bottom of the refrigerator. If you eat more frozen products than fresh, opt for an upright refrigerator with a freezer on top, so you don’t have to bend over every night to pick up dinner. If your consumption of fresh and frozen foods varies widely, you can even choose to forego the combo unit and buy two separate units that better suit your needs. For example, refrigerators are ideal for households that consume much more frozen food than fresh food. Complementing this with a small under-counter refrigerator is a great way to keep your fresh food items within reach.

As a rough guideline, a family of two will need a refrigerator of about ten cubic feet, and a family of four will need twice as much. However, the true indicator of how much space you need in your refrigerator should reflect the amount of food you buy and store. It is always wise to underestimate the space required, because a full refrigerator uses less power. Different refrigerator models offer different storage options, such as extra space in the door for upright containers, vegetable boxes of different sizes, removable shelves and additional items such as dispensers for cold drinks or egg cartons.

You want your refrigerator to be energy efficient because it’s an appliance that you never turn off – so it has to be cheap to keep it running. Refrigerators have an energy efficiency class from A to G, with A being the most energy efficient. The price of a refrigerator increases with energy efficiency, but the initial extra cost can pay for itself later because you invest in an appliance that will save you on your bills in the long run.

The best gadgets to look for on a fridge freezer are an adjustable thermostat that allows you to regulate the temperature, a temperature warning light that warns you when your fridge is getting too cold, an automatic defrost setting to prevent freezing and a fast freeze setting to quickly lower the temperature. and no frost, so you don’t have to defrost the fridge. Together with the refrigerator’s easy-to-clean glass shelves and freezer’s oversized drawer, these features make your new refrigerator one of the best appliances in your home.


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