Best Ways to Find and Buy Electronic Parts

Buying electronic parts can sometimes be tricky and prohibitively expensive. In some cases, buying new electronic equipment is easier than buying parts for the same equipment as the cost is close to 90% of the cost of new equipment. Also, most of the electronic parts that people buy are not genuine, of poor quality and eventually malfunction or damage the whole device. This makes many people so afraid of buying electronic parts that they don’t buy them at all.

Features of good electronic parts:

1. They correspond to the original parts in description, size, electronic capacity and in most cases color.
2. They are equipped with screws, nuts, bolts or other relevant accessories necessary to fix them to the equipment.
3. They are often recommended by home appliance manufacturers.
4. With instructions for use and sticking method.
5. They have a schematic of how they fit and work in the associated equipment.
6. Most of these are manufactured by the same company that manufactures the associated equipment.

Identifying genuine electronic parts:

1. Genuine electronic parts come with warranty or money back guarantee. This means that the manufacturer of the above parts assures you that these parts have been tried, tested and proven to work and are therefore ready to take back and replace any defects, replace with new parts or give you your money back. As a consumer, you should consider refund and return policies, length of warranty period, who to contact for warranty coverage, covered parts and repair questions, and whether consequential damages are covered.

2. Genuine electronic parts dealers provide after-sales service. Electronic parts distributors must be able to provide services such as shipping and installation to ensure their parts are genuine. You should also be able to contact them later for any clarifications and complaints.

3. Original electronic components do not alter the normal function of the device, but must give the same impression as the original. For example, electronic replacement parts for TVs should be tested with the original parts for picture, sound and color quality. Any electronic part that degrades the functionality of the device is bad.

4. Note the heating effect. Most electronic devices can be damaged by overheating. In turn, you should pay attention to the heating trend of the device before and after replacing parts. Any electronic components that increase the heating effect of the device are probably not original and should be removed before damaging the device.

Consumer protection guidelines:

As a buyer, it is imperative that you fully understand your consumer protection rights. These are designed to protect you from unscrupulous manufacturers or dealers. Some basic consumer protection rights include:

* Right to warranty service.
* Right to a dated and stamped receipt for each payment and
* Right to obtain instructions from the manufacturer.


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